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May 15, 2020

8 Things You Can Do To Lift The Corona Virus Blues

While we all stay at home and do our best to work and stay engaged in life I can’t help but feel that we need to tap into a little creativity and positivity. I think it’s safe to say that we can all laugh more, especially now. This is a moment in time we’ve yet to experience and will be stretched in ways that we are likely not used to. It’s in times like these, when we are uncomfortably stretched, when we need to dig in and invite wholehearted fun to the table.
  • have dessert before dinner
  • have a crazy hair day
  • PJ’s all day (when do you ever give yourself permission to do this!?)
  • create new playlists that relate to your moods, events or future parties
  • create photo albums or slide shows for your kids capturing their first year of life
  • write a list of moments when you fell in love with your person and share it with him/her
  • declare “Wacky Wednesday” (dinner in bed/dessert before dinner/formal dress up dinner/picnic in the living room/dinner in the nude – the intention here is to inject laughter)
  • vacation day (bikini, sunnies, margaritas and a sunny play list)

The need for laughter is imminent, and the need for joy is at an all time high. This moment in time, where the world has literally come to a screeching halt is a time to capture and make the most of. Laughter alters our chemistry. Smile. Yes, right now. Take a moment, stop and smile. Truly smile. Feel that and do that more.

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