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December 29, 2021

Hey Christina, Every year, I come up with New Year’s resolutions that seem to consistently end up as broken promises to myself. What do I need to do to keep my resolutions?

– Discouraged

Dear Discouraged,

This is a very common struggle with goal setting. The act of setting a goal is so damn easy… it’s actually making it happen that can be the challenge. While there are a lot of tools you can implement to reach a goal (or follow through on a resolution), I can’t help but feel there is an important first step that is essential; it’s all about being connected to our “why”. Understanding why we desire something will connect us with the mission. Being wholeheartedly connected to our “why” can fuel the fire. When we’re chasing down a goal, we need all the fuel we can get.

So, start with getting connected to why you desire the goal. Simon Sinek says it best in his Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Once we have a handle on our “why”, we need to write it down and post it up on the bathroom mirror, or on a white board; have it as a repeating calendar event; write it on a piece of paper that lives in our wallet or computer bag; on our yogurt container… whatever works. This is about seeing and reading our “why” every day to keep it top of mind and in focus.

From here, it’s all about honouring two essential things: consistency and accountability. I get that this sounds simplistic, but having both an “accountability person” and consistent effort are essential if you are going to get to the finish line. I have learned that when we hire a coach, a mentor or a therapist, we tend to get better results… there is no debating this. An “accountability person” not only helps us strategize a plan, but they also help us establish a plan at a speed, which is attainable and supports results. An accountability person can also help us see the stories or limiting beliefs that may be in our way. This person is our guide as well as our cheerleader. Who doesn’t want to be cheered on along the way?

I would be remiss if I did not mention the importance of visualizing the challenges that may be experienced along the way, not just the end goal. We tend to get so focused on the end goal and then when we experience some hurdles along the way they can trip us up and even act like a barricade. Reaching goals can take grit because we are doing something new and different so it will likely throw up unexpected challenges. So I encourage taking the time to think about, write down, and really envision what might get in the way. This isn’t a doomsday approach, this list of things that you can visualize and think about will make them far easier to navigate when and if, they happen.

Smashing goals across the finish line requires four things: knowing our why, having an accountability partner, focusing on consistency and knowing what challenges may come. Start with why because our “why” is imperative. It means we desire what we are chasing; and if we truly desire something, it has the potential to drive and nourish the process.  Teaming up with an accountability partner means our goals can become realities when combined with a passionate connected why and someone holding us accountable and supporting us through the rough buts, consistently.

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