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July 15, 2020

Do you need a life coach? Here’s why it’s worth consideration …

Everyone has the space to benefit from a life coach – everyone. Unless of course you can honestly say that you are content, fulfilled and happy in every aspect of your life. Or maybe it isn’t quite full and rich but you are currently working on it. When I refer to all areas of your life I am referring to your relationships, your family, your friends, your career and yourSELF. A quick way to assess whether you could benefit from a life coach is by asking yourself a few questions;

  • do you love the shit out of your job? your partner? your self?
  • do you wake up looking forward to your day?
  • do you know what you want your days to look like one year from now?
  • are you excited about your life and where it’s headed?

If there is an area in your life where you are struggling or seeking change, a personal development coach just might be your answer. I say this, not only because I am a life coach, but because I have also experienced how powerful a life coach can be. I have also had the privilege of witnessing clients experience long term personal growth due to powerful coaching. So needless to say I am a believer in the process.

For me, I had suddenly found myself at a cross roads and I knew that I needed some help getting to where I wanted to be – where I could see my future but just couldn’t tap into it.

– I wanted to wake up happy.
– I wanted joy to hover in my home and life.
– I wanted to enjoy my work life.
– I wanted an authentic loving partnership.

This wasn’t asking for much was it?

I suspect like you, I too, have learnt that there’s power in asking for help. It shows those around us that we are real, and that others can call on us when they need love, support or a kick in the ass. Love and support is symbiotic, but that’s another topic for another day.

I have a couple friends who are reading this right now and will be calling me out on asking for help because I have a survivalist pattern and don’t always ask for help when I need it. But this was serious. This was my life, my heart, my health, my spirit … and so I built myself a posse. A posse of key people who helped keep me on task, who caught me when I fell, who cheered me on, and who held up my mirror. And you guessed it, one of my key posse members was my professional development coach. I embraced a space where I could dream without limitations and he supported, encouraged and believed in me. Now don’t get me wrong, he corrected the course and the work wasn’t easy.

What I can say about the process was that while it was challenging at times, it was incredibly rewarding. I was putting my energy into designing my life with someone who was simply showing me how to tap into me.

Once I uncovered my true passion – helping people see and be their best selves – I enrolled in a whole person coaching program and learned how to coach people through any and everything. While I was being coached myself, and learning to coach, I developed my own whole person coaching style.

Typically when we are unsettled in an area in our life there are reasons and stories that can speak directly to the unrest. And this is where my whole person coaching style comes into play. I love helping people uncover their beliefs because they reveal a potential that is suddenly front and centre.

What we don’t realize is that when we are “stuck” we are listening to beliefs, experiences and stories that simply need to be re-composed, and until then personal growth will remain out of reach. This is why I love life coaching – I get to witness growth that is wrapped in personal fulfillment. Change that has people waking up and enjoying life. Change that finds people in love. Change that is empowering and life long.

Change can be both scary and intimidating, I get that. So you can find comfort in knowing that there are a lot of life coaches that can help in whichever area you are seeking improvement. What is key is finding the right life coach that you are comfortable with, that you can be vulnerable with, that holds zero judgement, that helps you quiet the negative self talk, that holds you intensely accountable and cheers the loudest at the finish line. I am an undeniable believer in and for the under dog, and this romantic perspective fuels my belief that everyone’s dreams are attainable … no matter how rough the terrain, how thick the wall, how wide the moat. All you have to do is want change …

believe in you

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