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April 2, 2023

Find Clarity In Uncertainty // 3 Questions to Ask

When I’m stuck in the muck and feeling unsure about what to do or even how to feel, I can call on one of these three questions to help get myself back on track and see reality. Yes, reality. There can often be a difference in what we think about something and its actual reality. So here are the three questions that I use to shake me out of the muck and into the light.

When you look into the future, is this what you want your life to look like?

Was this ever an eye-opener… I don’t know about you, but when I see, I cannot un-see. When something in my life has me questioning, doubting, or feeling off, I ask myself… is this what I want my life to look like 5 years from now? And when I answer this honestly, it can help me see the next step more clearly.

Will this matter one year from today?

I heard this question when I was about fourteen, and it has stuck with me. If we can take the current frustration or hurtful moment and ask this question, the answer is often no. There may likely be some resistance, but when I push through, I often see the irrelevance one year from today… therefore, let it go, it’s a waste of energy that can be applied elsewhere. I can promise that if you give this a try you might find yourself feeling a little lighter.

What if you did forgive yourself?

It was once suggested to me that I write a letter to myself to help me lean into this concept of self-forgiveness. So I wrote a letter and forgave myself for the shitty choices and “regrettable” moments, otherwise known as our dark side. That letter, while not my favorite, evolved into a declaration and promise to myself that has shaped the theme of my life. There’s something to be said for acceptance. What is done is done … we do not have a rewind option … the one thing we can do is choose here, now.

Here’s the thing… the more we understand ourselves, the better off we are in life, at work, and especially in relationships. If we understand why we feel the way we do … why we desire what we desire … why we get poked when we get poked … what we are okay with and not okay with … we can start to step into acceptance. Acceptance of who we truly are … acceptance that what happened in our lifetime does not define who we are today… acceptance that we are worthy of love and sharing that along the way … its an acceptance of self, in its entirety.

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