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January 15, 2021

Love defined

Let’s face it, true love doesn’t come around often. It’s immeasurable. It’s life altering. It resides in every breathe. Yet how many of us actually experience this kind of love? And if we do, how many of us are able to hold on to it or keep it alive? The topic of holding onto love is for another blog altogether   … for now, let’s talk love.

When we’re falling in love we have this crazy chemical reaction. These intoxicating, unforgettable feelings have the potential to turn into a deep love and therefore stick around. And if it does indeed stick around, here’s what it looks like …

  • You find yourself putting the other person first … not in a self sacrificing way but in a genuine way where their heart is as important as yours.
  • You treat their heart the way you treat your own … lovingly.
  • You feel at home with them.
  • You want to be, and function at your best.
  • You feel as if there are little wings behind you … helping you run faster, work harder, live better, recycle more, eat healthier, indulge when you want, judge less … far less, drive faster, be more kind, walk your dog more, dance in your living room, walk with swagger, crave putting your sexy on, shave, trim and dye the necessities with absolute pleasure, feel beautiful and believe it.
  • You love their quirks and idiosyncrasies – as in you absolutely adore and admire all of them.
  • You desire only them. This doesn’t mean that you don’t notice beautiful people … but it means that you long for your one and only and have zero desire to wander.
  • You love being with them for hours on end. Your time together can sit comfortably in silence – you are incredibly content when you are in each other’s presence.
  • You are willing to step outside of your box if they suggest it. You are more than keen to try new things that you historically didn’t like/enjoy/do.
  • You love their weaknesses as much as their strengths … maybe even a little more.
  • Your stomach flips regularly when you see, hear or smell them, or when a random something reminds you of them.
  • You love making love in a way like you have never before – you deeply desire to bring them pleasure.
  • You just fit – there are enough similarities that it’s easy to be together and there are enough differences to keep things interesting.

The ticket is this …. you love yourself this same way. The minute you become your partner or what your partner wants you are doomed. There is this fine balance between honouring you and your heart while loving your partner and their heart. And when it’s a true love this fits together with an unrecognizable ease. And when the ease subsides you can call on this love to guide you through what life presents.

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