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March 15, 2022

Self-Love & Relationships – a podcast


I can’t help but share this really fun conversation I had last week with Alan Slagorsky. I met Alan a while back and I can honestly say that his response to some of our conversations was moving and his light bulb moments were palpable. Fast forward a couple months later with Alan asking me to join him for a conversation on his podcast. This conversation was so much fun for me because I was given the opportunity to chat about self love and relationships – two of my favourite topics!

I appreciated that Alan poked around and asked me what self love really means. I have written plenty about self love and what it truly looks like and I can honestly say that this question will never get old for me. We also touched on a couple relationship tips which was a bit of a challenge because this is so circumstantial and there are so many creative, strategic ways to learn how to truly, authentically show up in relationship.

Have a listen and let me know what you think … or what it might have sparked in you.


Happy listening!

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