Hey… I’m Christina

And what I enjoy doing the very most is to lovingly nudge people in the direction of their potential. I’ve been told that I have the ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. So my desire to help people uncover their best self comes naturally to me. I’ve always been that automatically trusted confidant, easy to talk to kind of girl. I am comfortable hanging out with emotions and I adore eye to eye meaningful conversation. Being a life coach is as natural to me as peanut butter is to bacon – they are perfectly well suited!

The uncovering of our best selves, or life shifts, are wonderful to witness. Life shifts can be stressful, scary and outright daunting. And trust me, I know first hand just how intimidating this all can be! I can safely say that my life path has handed me some challenging moments … and while each and every moment challenged me I navigated as best I could while embodying a mindset that everything is figuroutable.

I look forward to what each day brings, good or not so good. I have loving, authentic relationships in my life and at the same time I love what I find myself doing everyday. I can honestly say that I have found my niche and it is all about helping others uncover their best self.

Certified Life Coaching Credentials

My Training

I am a certified life coach through Coach Training World. I am also a graduate of the Hoffman Institute and of the Inside Out Leadership Group and am a certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation.

My Education

I also have diplomas in Multimedia Communications, Photojournalism, and Early Childhood Education & Development.

My Interests

When I am not working with clients, or studying, you can find me hanging out with Mother Nature or in my kitchen bringing friends and family together.

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A Little Bit More About Me

I am

loving. a proud mother of two wonderfully brilliant human beings. passionate. a dog lover. warm. encouraging. full of energy. the glass is always half full. a doer. competitive. a cheerleader. a fan of the underdog. rule adjuster. infectious loud laugher. a quiet sneezer. a great cook. a lover of the written word. a wannabe potter. a full fledged romantic.

I absolutely love

lyrics. my true and dear friends, you know who you are. deep conversation. pizza … fresh from a pizza oven. adventure. road trips. Mother Nature. skiing. surfing. cooking outside. campfires. being prompt. laughing and crying with loved ones. my family. espresso. games … and I mean all games. the beach. the snow. a good book. people watching at the airport. and last but not least, good hugs.

What nourishes me

is without a doubt, my yoga mat. my peeps. challenging myself and those around me. family dinners. the ocean. Canadian lakes. being heard. yin class. watching my children become beautiful, smart, adventurous, kind young adults. giving back. my journal. my kitchen. Mother Nature. my Hoffman family. physical touch.

What leaves me feeling unsettled

dishonesty. violence. unnecessary rules. childhood obesity. settling for less.

What I am most
proud of

my mother. my father. my children. my blog. honouring my heart.

What I can do better

talking less. by not saying no off the hop. by putting my feet up more. forgiving self.

What inspires me is

my sister. the human heart. my brother’s heart to heart phone calls. love. myself. my aunt’s outlook on everything. my future. TED talks. self love.