A step-by-step process to help you learn how to truly love you, your life and everything in between.

Do you wish you could see your reflection and think “wow … you are a beautiful human”

The self love tools you need

Over the course of my coaching career, I have heard two things: that coaching is too expensive and that it’s difficult to apply the many self love theories. I have also heard many times … “what would you do …?” So I have pulled together my favourite self love tools that I use every day. Yes, everyday. I use these tools in moments when I am hurting, in moments where I need to call on confidence, in moments when I am doubting my thoughts, and in moments when I need to get the job done but lack direction or motivation.

The tools are doable and oh so helpful so I created a workbook where I share the meaning of a topic, such as self love and perspective, and then explain how to apply the tool in a simple everyday way.

There are two parts to the equation for change; accountability and consistency. If you work through the exercises and apply them consistently, you will shift the story that is not getting you what you desire in you, in life and in love. This workbook was inspired by all of you who’ve asked the question … “what would Christina do?”. This workbook is just that – it is the toolbox that I walk through life with, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


6 simple habits that will change your life workbook
Christina Ketchen reading 6 simple habits that will change your life

Do you wish you could walk into any room and feel confident and content all at the same time?

“I love the workbook style because it gave me an explanation and then an exercise to actually try the tool. The recycling tool has blown my mind and helped me crack the self love code … I will use this tool forever and am starting to see that this self love thing works!”

Cindy B. , Toronto, Canada

“I have bought so many self help books. I can honestly say that this book is different. She explains the reasoning behind her tools and then she gives an exercise or a to-do to practice the tool. If you actually work through this book and apply her exercises you can’t help but start to love what you see in the mirror.”

Blaire F., Calgary, Canada

“Finally a simple self love breakdown that actually gave me tools that I can use! And they work, thank you Christina!”

Natalie D., Scottsdale, Arizona


Do you worry or tend to see the glass as half full?