Hey… I’m Christina

and what I enjoy doing the most is lovingly nudging people in the direction of acceptance. I’ve been told that I have the ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter, and my desire to help people connect head and heart comes naturally to me. Being an encouraging, insightful coach is as natural to me as peanut butter is to bacon – they’re a perfect match!
It’s been my experience that uncovering why we do what we do can be both scary and beautiful. I can say this because I have sat with a couple of truly shattering heartbreaks, the loss of more than one dear friend, abandonment, a high-conflict divorce both as a kid and a grown woman, the witnessing of my beloved cousin in his last hours, an experience with roofies, the witnessing of a stabbing, and have had more than one experience that, in the blink of an eye, stopped me in my tracks. In other words, I have been through some shit. And I can wholeheartedly say that I have learned to mostly, and as best I can, see the beautiful in each and every one.
This perspective is all thanks to my hunger for meaning and curiosity for anything and everything that helps me understand whyUnderstanding my whys helps me better navigate the bumpy stuff. And getting through life’s bumps, no matter how big or small (who are we to measure) teaches us that we can.
So I find myself here. Helping people understand themselves a little more gently and intently so we can start to appreciate that we are who we are. And that compassion and acceptance are tools to have and to hold. And if we don’t like something, we can without question train our brain to see a new way and believe in it. Or we can choose to love that thing that makes us, us. All of the above are unquestionably learnable.

Certified Life Coaching Credentials

My Training

I am a certified life coach through Coach Training World. I am also a graduate of the Hoffman Institute and of the Inside Out Leadership Group and am a certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation.

My Education

I also have diplomas in Multimedia Communications, Photojournalism, and Early Childhood Education & Development.

My Interests

When I am not working with clients, or studying, you can find me hanging out with Mother Nature or in my kitchen bringing friends and family together.

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A Little Bit More About Me

I am

loving. a proud mother of two wonderfully brilliant human beings. passionate. a dog lover. warm. encouraging. full of energy. the glass is always half full. a doer. competitive. a cheerleader. a fan of the underdog. rule adjuster. infectious loud laugher. a quiet sneezer. a great cook. a lover of the written word. a wannabe potter. a full fledged romantic.

I absolutely love

lyrics. my true and dear friends, you know who you are. deep conversation. pizza … fresh from a pizza oven. adventure. road trips. Mother Nature. skiing. surfing. cooking outside. campfires. being prompt. laughing and crying with loved ones. my family. espresso. games … and I mean all games. the beach. the snow. a good book. people watching at the airport. and last but not least, good hugs.

What nourishes me

is without a doubt, my yoga mat. my peeps. challenging myself and those around me. family dinners. the ocean. Canadian lakes. being heard. yin class. watching my children become beautiful, smart, adventurous, kind young adults. giving back. my journal. my kitchen. Mother Nature. my Hoffman family. physical touch.

What leaves me feeling unsettled

dishonesty. violence. unnecessary rules. childhood obesity. settling for less.

What I am most
proud of

my mother. my father. my children. my ability to forgive. honouring my heart.

What I can continue to work on

listen to hear. say yes more often. take in the moment. forgiving self.

What inspires me is

my sister. the human heart. my brother’s heart to heart phone calls. love. myself. my aunt’s outlook on everything. my future. TED talks. self love.